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My name is Vincent Scarpinato and I look forward to working with you! Scroll down to hear my story!

My Story

I have been a construction enthusiast my entire life, whether it was plumbing, electrical, masonry, carpentry or my favorite – demolition, I would always find myself undertaking a new project, mostly on my own home.  In 2014, I made the decision (with the permission of my wife) to purchase a mobile home to begin a rehabilitation from the ground up, and I loved it! The project was a success, not because the place looked absolutely awesome, but more because it became a place for an elderly couple to wind down in their golden years in a beautiful place, it was then I realized my skills would be utilized to bring happiness to people when they needed it most – and with “Ethics and Integrity at all times.


After over a dozen projects Alpha & Omega Brokers LLC was born, I decided I wanted to help people buy and sell properties, and I realized that I could do this work at a fraction of what others were charging because of the systems I have put in place (I’m kind of a work smarter, not harder guy…) to maximize my efficiency and put the savings right back in the hands of the seller and make the purchase for the buyer a better deal.  If we get together I will explain how the “system” works and how the buyer may be paying the broker commission which should ethically never happen. So that’s me, in addition to this business I am a Professor of Business at a local university, I bring many, many years of business strategy to the table.

I look forward to serving you!

Vincent J. Scarpinato

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